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Using Tea tree oil to treat nail fungus: is it effective?

Although nail fungus affects the hands and feet, the most common is the toenail fungus. Now, onychomycosis (nail fungus) has several treatment alternatives that are not entirely effective. Understandably, most individuals get skeptical when they read about a new remedy.

If you have just heard about tea tree oil being used in nail fungus treatment, you are probably doubtful. Today we will take an extensive look at how to use tea tree oil in the treatment of nail fungus. Our primary focus, however, will be on the effectiveness level.

Antifungal properties of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil appears to have both antiseptic and antifungal properties according to several conducted studies. However, its effectiveness when handling onychomycosis has yet to be scientifically proven. Most scientific studies tend to produce contradicting results, which has left several individuals confused.

Is Tea tree oil effective in combating nail fungus?

Lab studies that have been conducted so far prove that this oil is quite useful. A study carried out on Trichophyton Rubrum, that causes athlete’s foot, showed positive results in just 14 days. This tree oil is, therefore, significantly effective when compared to a placebo.

However, understand that this study was carried out in a test tube. What this means is that further studies are needed to showcase whether it is effective in animals and humans.

Findings from human studies

In 1994, it was directly applied to a toenail fungus to study its effectiveness. The study concluded that the oil has the same level of effectiveness when compared to clotrimazole cream. When you have any fungus infection, you get prescribed Clotrimazole.

However, another study conducted in 1999 showed contradictory results. This research involved the use of a combination cream and the oil. Participants had to apply either of the used substances for 16 weeks.

The combination formula was quite effective, managing to cure 80% of the participants. However, the individuals that used pure oil saw no improvements. This study concluded that tree tea oil is not effective when used alone for nail fungus treatment.

How to use tea tree oil

Since the studies conducted are contradictory, effectiveness of tree tea oil in combating nail fungus cannot be ascertained. However, several testimonials swear on tits efficiency in treating all types of fungus including those that affect the nail.

Mix the oil with a carrier substance before you apply on affected nails and skin. Use coconut extracts to reduce any risk associated with side effects. Olive extracts are also a great option to use as a carrier material. Once you have the mixture done, apply on infected areas using a cotton swab. You could also soak a cotton ball in the mixture and firmly hold it on affected areas for a few minutes.

Carry out the treatment process often to get best results. You could also incorporate this mixture in warm water and soak your feet.


Ensure that you clean your hands properly after attending to infected areas. Secondly, keep your toenails dry and clean during this treatment process. Yes, it will take some time before you get entirely rid of nail fungus, which means that you have to exercise patience.

Last modified on 2020-05-06